Nordic Spa Loungers: When Wellness Meets Art

Whether you’re popping in for a quick detox or you’ve cleared the calendar for some epic destressing, your spa is the ultimate oasis of calm.

Yet the cathartic atmosphere can be enhanced even further by the simple addition of a Nordic lounger.


Simple but chic — bold yet understated

Nordic’s wide range of spa loungers is expertly crafted to support your body as you fall into a state of deep relaxation. Minimally aesthetic and ergonomically optimised, our loungers are designed with love and perfectly sculpted to the intricate curvature of the spine. Every lounger is fitted with a highly precise adjustment tilt angle. Not only will this take the weight off your feet but will also induce a feeling of weightlessness, allowing you to withdraw blissfully into your senses.

Many factors need to be considered when designing a spa lounger. What angle of curve best complements the vertebrae? Which materials perfectly balance comfort with optimising posture? A lounger fit for your spa is an extremely specialised and niche product. Only the most superior will suffice.


Unique heat-zone system

Our loungers provide not only optimal ergonomic support but also a specially designed heating system. Experience the benefits of traditional therapeutic heat methods, such as fang packs, infrared heat therapy, hot-stone massage — all at once.

Every spa lounger is embedded with a specially designed thermostat switch system which allows you to independently adjust the heat radiating to three zones of your body. In focusing individually on the heat treatment to your back, hips and legs, you can effortlessly maximise your comfort and home in on any area that requires particular attention.

Our loungers come equipped with either an infrared heating system, which does not have to be fixed in place, or an electrical system, which is fixed in place and comes in a variety of traditional finishes. The warmth of the heat-zone system penetrates deeply and is designed to enhance the rejuvenating processes your body will already be experiencing in the spa process. Reacclimating after the intensive, all-encompassing warmth of a sauna or steam room can be far more smoothly mediated by the localised heat treatment of a lounger.

How long you spend reclining on your lounger is entirely up to you, but even just a small amount of heat therapy is proven to improve and strengthen circulation and metabolism and fortify cell structure. The silky-smooth, non-porous finish of the material, whether metal, fibreglass or marble, maximises the surface area available, ensuring a magnificent and enveloping sensation of total warmth.


Traditional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology

Every Nordic spa lounger is a unique piece of artisanal mastery in harmony with the finest of engineering, rounded off with subtle, contemporary artistry. Our loungers are designed to not only meet but completely defy the demanding imaginations and refined tastes of our highly particular clientele. Innovative yet beautifully simple, a Nordic lounger for your spa will bring you unparalleled comfort and a vastly enriched sense of wellbeing.

A luxurious and adaptable addition to your spa, suite or wellness centre, a lounger is perfect for both commercial and private use. With a selection of sophisticated accessories, including metallic lacquered bases and hand-stitched skai leather headrests, you are sure to find a spa lounger that will seamlessly integrate with your surroundings.


Wellness has never been so elegant

Are you ready to take comfort to the next level? Nordic’s spa loungers are masterfully designed to induce sensations of relaxation you will have never felt before, enriching your wellbeing in ways you never imagined. Get in touch today and see how Nordic can revolutionise your spa experience. You will wonder how you ever did without.

Top 3 Ways to Accessorise Your Steam Room

Your steam room is the ultimate hub of relaxation.

As well as being an oasis of tranquillity, your steam room can work wonders for your health. Visiting your steam room can significantly improve your cardiovascular system by encouraging circulation, especially to your extremities. This in turn can lead to lower blood pressure and a healthier heart. As the warm moisture opens your pores, your skin becomes softer, more supple. Perspiration during steam-bathing removes impurities from the body.

Seeing as you’re spending so much time in your steam room, it only makes sense to style it according to your tastes, personalise it your way. Here at Nordic, we’re passionate about creating bespoke, holistic wellbeing experiences. Turn your steam room into a bespoke, luxury space of calm and peace with some truly magnificent accessories.

1. Control panel

Tailor your steam room experience down to the letter of your desires. Jam-packed with a stunning graphic interface, revolutionary touchscreen display and a plethora of features tailor your steam room to your exact needs and wants, the iSteam 3.0 offers an unparalleled customisable user experience. Be in total control of not only the steam but the ambient temperature, the aroma, time settings, lighting… and music.

Music is a surefire way of complementing your steam-bathing experience and enhancing your mood and wellbeing. The iSteam can be used in perfect conjunction with the AudioSteam3, which uses Bluetooth technology to play all your favourite songs or soundscapes, allowing you to immerse in a wash of sonic bliss. You can even just listen to the radio if you want to catch up on the day’s events while you bathe.

The iSteam can be customised by up to eight users, all of whom can create a steam-bathing experience perfectly adapted to their desires. Equipped with autostart programming and operable remotely via your phone, your steam room will be ready for you to bathe in before you’ve even remembered — or before you’ve even woken up.

2. Aromatherapy

It has been known throughout history that aromatherapy can induce profound healing effects on the body. Now you can awaken that ancient longing for peace and calm — within the comfort of your own steam room.

The AromaSteam System evenly infuses essential oils into the steam environment via an electronic system for seamless integration. The availability of an array of AromaSteam System essential oils means that every occasion is catered for, every mood, every emotion. Whether you need to stimulation, relaxation for better sleep or a touch of sensuality for you and your partner, tailor the ambient aroma of your steam room exactly to your desires.

3. Lighting

The simple addition of colour to an environment can change the entire mood. Cutting-edge LED steam lighting technology imbues your steam room with whatever atmosphere you desire. Totally flicker-free and able to traverse the entire colour spectrum, steam lighting is hidden in the ceiling, wall or floor, flush to the surface, creating a starry, twinkling effect.

As if that weren’t enough, why not engage in some serious mood enhancement with the Chromatherapy Lighting System? Chromatherapy boosts your wellbeing by way of activating the transformative qualities of colour and letting the body relax, the mind surrender, the soul replenish. Suffuse your steam room with organic greens, cool blues and sensual reds. Add some steam room lighting and give in to the ultimate steam-bathing experience.

A steam-bathing experience unlike any other

Whether adding in a visit to your steam room as part of your post-workout routine or just unwinding after a long hard day, creating your own unique space is guaranteed to boost your happiness and wellbeing, in turn leading to a healthier, more positive outlook on your day. There’s no better way of constructing such a space than by implementing your own personal touch by way of accessories, moulding the ambience of your steam room to your exact needs and desires.

Get in touch with Nordic today and see how we can create a steam room tailored exactly to you, or find out more about the wealth of steam room accessories on offer to you to make your steam room the ocean of calm you deserve.