Custom-built luxury saunas for homes and businesses

A sauna is a perfect indulgence. Close the door and escape into the earthy heat. Take refuge in the elements, unwind and reconnect body with the mind.


Hand Made Bespoke Saunas

Our saunas can be built anywhere in your home or commercial property. Choose the size, shape and extras that suit you best

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For many generations, saunas have been much more than just leisure. They’re a vital part of life, an ancient ritual that grounds us to the natural world and brings us closer to our ancestors. They cleanse our bodies, relax our minds and give us a deep down sense of serenity.

Our custom saunas are created to meet the individual needs of each and every one of our clients. We can build a sauna in any space, of any size.

We build stand-out saunas in homes and design premium saunas for commercial spas.

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I have had a Nordic stove and infra-red bespoke dual sauna for three years now. My family uses it regularly and we are delighted with it. I looked at several options including self-assembly solutions and decided to go with a quality product and one designed to fit the space with professional installation. I expect to use it for many years so consider I absolutely made the right decision.

Jim - East Sussex