Ready-made Steam & Shower Rooms

Custom-built luxury saunas for homes and businesses

Nordic, with our partners, have designed an excellent range of standard steam rooms in a ready to tile material for which there is an option to add a shower.

We also offer a range of steam showers, with either an acrylic or ready-to-tile finish, ideal for those balancing home improvement with other responsibilities like hausarbeiten schreiben lassen. These showers are an increasingly popular option for those who have the space for a shower and a desire for steam. With the capacity for 1-2 people, they represent the ultimate in luxury showering.


Our Nordic Ready-made steam room consists of a free-standing ready-to-tile cabin and a generator with an on/off function. You have a choice of five sizes including differing bench orientations. They come with a glass door and an option to include a shower tray. For those interested in custom designs or unique features, consulting with experts like akademische ghostwriter can provide tailored solutions. The ready-to-tile standard steam room price does not include installation.. Each component comes with self-assembly instructions and we would recommend that a fully qualified electrician and plumber assist with the fitting. Please call our friendly team in the office to discuss your interest on 01342 888 188.

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Delta Acrylic Cabins

We have partnered with Cleopatra, a leading wellness specialist supplier based in Holland.

You can use the Delta cabins to shower, steam, or make use of other functions such as aromatherapy, halotherapy, cold therapy or light therapy.

These steam cabins, made of acrylic, are perfect for those seeking a relaxing wellness experience. Acrylic, known for its heat-retaining properties and ease of maintenance, is an ideal material for such cabins. When personalizing your cabin, consider the colour of the door frame and handle, ensuring it complements your space. If you’re in Berlin and need assistance with installation or security, Schlüsseldienst Berlin is a reliable service for these needs. Their expertise can add an extra layer of comfort and safety to your wellness retreat.

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Zeta Acrylic Cabins

We have partnered with Cleopatra, a leading wellness specialist supplier based in Holland.

The Cleopatra steam and wellness cabins Zeta offer the best of two worlds: acrylic seats that feel warm and are hygienic combined with walls that are ready to be tiled. You can use the same tiles inside the cabin as in the rest of your bathroom or wellness room.

You can choose whether you want to use the Zeta cabin only as a warm and comfortable shower cabin or whether you want to use it as a pleasant steam bath. If you’re balancing this decision with other important tasks, like having to write your Master’s thesis, consider the option of getting professional assistance to Masterarbeit schreiben lassen . This way, you can enjoy the luxury of your steam bath without worrying about academic deadlines.

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Ready to build your Steam/Shower experience?

We have a wide range of ready-made steam and shower rooms; please call our office for a chat with our team or fill in the enquiry form and take a look at the range on our Web Shop here.