Sauna Servicing

We offer servicing to Saunas supplied and or fitted by Nordic. If you Saunas is not supplied by Nordic, please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

At Nordic, we pride ourselves on the quality of our finished product.

For customers that have a Sauna Room supplied by Nordic, the following applies:

Regular maintenance extends the life of your Sauna and reduces the risk of breakdown. Our servicing also helps to ensure that any issues do not go unattended, which helps maintain the safety and integrity of your sauna.

Our flexible service packages offer regular maintenance visits plus reactive breakdown cover for all types of saunas. Our qualified team can maintain even the most complex sauna, thanks to their years of experience and training.

Premium Service Package

Our Premium sauna servicing option consists of all the features from the standard servicing pack, plus:

  • Replacement of Sauna Rocks (Up to 30kg)
  • Elements Corrosion Check
  • Dismantle Benching to Allow Visual Inspection of Timber
  • Support Frame
  • Sanding of Benching and Backrests to Improve Appearance
  • Software Updates for EOS Controllers
  • 15% discount on any additional parts required for repairs
  • 15% discount on any follow-up labour

Standard Service Package

Our standard sauna servicing option consists of the following:

  • Sauna Performance Check
  • Heater/Control Visual & Electrical Checks
  • Element Loading Checks
  • Cabin Wood Condition Inspection
  • Fire Hazard Inspection e.g. Scorching & Timber Integrity
  • Door Check (Hinges, Handles & Seals)
  • Operational Lighting Check

Along with this, we will give advice and recommendations on additional work that may need to be carried out, such as replacing heaters, elements and rocks. We recommend annual servicing for domestic use and bi-annual servicing for commercial use. Our pricing is for within 75 miles of the M25.

Standard Annual Service: £349 + VAT

Standard Bi-Annual Service: £630 + VAT

Additional Pricing +VAT

Annual Bi-Annual 3 Year Package
Single Room Standard £349 £630
Single Room Premium £489 £630 £1330
Additional Room Standard £300 £570
Additional Room Premium £420 £800 £1200

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