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Superior, luxury sauna heaters, designed and made by EOS in Germany. Nordic proudly partner with EOS. These heaters are found in the most exclusive homes and spas in the world and are designed for discerning clients who appreciate premium, luxury and the highest of specification. Each unit is meticulously hand-crafted to order by our specially trained specialists, ensuring precision and attention to detail in every aspect. Your unique preferences can be realised with custom options such as choosing a custom colour, adding an illumination package, or even opting for real gold plating to suit your style and taste. These heaters are built to last, made using the highest quality of materials and are guaranteed with an 8 year warranty (including the elements).


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EOS Structure

With its unique shape, the EOS Structure is a true design statement.

Elegant matt black from top to bottom, this extraordinary sauna heater presents itself with its distinctive rod structure, which forms the characteristic design of this sauna heater.

With this sauna heater, the designers have taken a convection a step further. The unique internal construction makes sure that the air is fed back into the rock store. This is ensured by the gills inserted into the side of the rock store and the air shaft arranged in the middle of the rock store, The otherwise self-contained rock store also ensures optimal heat absorption of the sauna stones and intensifies the infusion by maximizing the use of the applied water. The structure heater has a special guard, which looks like a “belt” around the upper section and is integrated into the design.

The 30 kg sauna stone set comes with Diabase (rounded) sauna stones and an additional top layer of black Cubius sauna stones which guarantee constant temperature stablity.

EOS Majesty

The Eos Majesty combines majestic design with Innovative construction.

The surrounding detail around the rocks made of polished stainless steel in combination with elegant  matt black and white rounded quartz stones emphasize the extraordinary aesthetics of this sauna heater.

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Majestic Design
for Highest Demands

Fitting perfectly into modern and luxury sauna cabins. With its uniform appearance on all sides, it can be placed freely in front of glass walls or in the middle or the sauna. Where it is shown off to be a centre piece feature. This heater can be made in other colour finishes to blend in harmoniously with our clients design preferences

EOS Shark

This is a truly unique and extravagant sauna heater, made for those
who enjoy a striking design.

The decorative shark fin-like design elements in anthracite pearl effect
in combination with high-quality stainless steel gills are elaborately
handcrafted. Designed for larger saunas, this heater begins at 12kW and
stands nearly one metre high.

Striking appearance thanks to the distinctive shark fin-like design

Give your cabin an extraordinary and unusual look Thanks to its round
design and the uniform appearance on all sides, it is ideal for installation
in front of glass walls or in the center of the sauna cabin. The unique
construction in the form of an open lamellar structure not only gives
the heater its unique appearance, but also ensures a excellent heat-up
performance and heat flow behavior. Impressively weighing 160 kilos of German engineering.

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EOS Vision

The strong design concept is based on a high level of individualization.

All variants are inspired, by a distinctive attention to detail and at the same time sculptural design, whereby the inclined design represents something very special. You can choose to match the heater base plinth with the rim surrounding the rocks at the top the heater. Or you can opt for, a modern, linear top rim with a matt black finish.

With the optionally available lighting in the base. the elegant and floating appearance of the sauna heater heater series is additionally emphasized and effectively set. Different colour variations can be selected to suit your mood.

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Unique Design

Powerful and gentle at the same time, the elegant natural stone base complements the perfect design. There is a range of heater rocks to choose from including a contemporary rounded and white or a traditional style.

EOS Future

EOS Future stands out through its futuristic design with black body
and high-contrast side detail.

The exclusive sauna heater for the dry Finnish sauna is inclined – the body appears to be floating above the elegant natural stone base.

Furthermore, you have the choice between three high-class types of natural stone for the base. You can also choose a matching counterpart for the top rim to match the base, or can opt for a modern, linear top rim with a matt Black finish.

With the optionally available lighting in the base, the elegant and floating appearance of the sauna heater series is additionally emphasized and effectively set. Different colour variations can be selected to suit your mood.

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